Into Italy

We’ve been on the road now for about 45 days, so I thought that we are overdue an update on this.

Tonight we’re parked-up at a Motorhome Camping Aire just to the south of St Tropez on the southern French coast. It’s located between the beach and the local recycling depot. Between 5pm and 8:30am the toilets are locked and the drinking water is turned off, but we can’t complain at €5.50 per night, we just have to plan ahead. We’ve been here for a couple of days, and today (14th November) had a lovely walk along the beach, in t-shirts and of course still in our shorts. We did consider going into the sea to do a spot of body-boarding (in our wetsuits – it’s pretty chilly in there) but I was put off by the steepness of the beach. Bramble wasn’t worried about that, and fetched her ball from the waves several times. We had to keep an eye on her, as she kept deciding that she’d rather carry one of the many sponges that had washed up on the beach instead of her lovely neon yellow hi-tech bouncy ball.

We’ve stayed in some lovely campsites so far, and stayed with friends and family along the way as well, thanks to Louise, Jackie and Pete, Margaret and Paul, and Caroline and Denis!

The only real low point of the trip so far was the ferry journey from Plymouth to Santander, which we decided to take, due to earlier delays, instead of sticking to our original plan of using the Channel Tunnel. During the sailing Bramble had to stay in a rather claustrophobic cage, alongside about 40 other howling dogs, with only a small area of fenced-off deck for exercising and ablutions. We were out on the deck with her, on and off until about 11pm trying to coax her to have a wee. She wasn’t happy in her cage, and so neither were we. We’ll be using the tunnel for any future crossings. We think she’s forgiven us now…

Anyway, we’re heading across into Italy tomorrow, and then turning southward!

Our Adventure

We sold our house in Chorlton-cum-Hardy on 29th September 2017, and set off on our European Adventure the following day.

We will be posting updates on our journey here.